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Cleaning Up

I'll be cleaning up by DeviantArt page @ Sheerperfume, so I can post all of my resources (Photoshop Brushes/Image packs & Textures) there. After that, I'll start making some free icons and posting resources here first. I'm excited about making graphics again. It's been so long since I've been in the habit of creating anything. Depression and anxiety sucks! But starting today, I'm trying to move forward. I've been mostly unemployed this past year, and even with the free time I've had, I've not created anything because I felt so mentally exhausted. I hope things change for the better. I'm working on creating a YouTube channel. I'll post more about that later :)

Um, hello?

Been so long since I've posted here. Yesterday, I started thinking about LiveJournal and it brought back a lot of memories from the 00's, and so I think I'll start making graphics again. I'm rusty, but maybe inspiration will come to me. I've got a lot going on in my personal/home life and it really suppresses my creativity, but I'm gonna give this a shot! Stay tuned folks. Feel free to post requests of LJ Icons you'd like to see, or other graphics (banners?).