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48 Stock Icons!

Today, I share with you 48 stock image icons I made in Photoshop CS6. It's been so long since I've created any icons, so I hope you all like them! Also, I added blank bases of the stock images I used in case you'd like to make icons from them :)

7-styled 14-styled 27-styled

Let me know if you take any! If you like them, I'll do my best to make more in the future! The next set of icons I'm creating will be fan-based related. Enjoy!

1-styled 2-styled 3-styled 4-styled
6-styled 7-styled 8-styled 9-styled
10-styled 11-styled 12-styled 13-styled
14-styled 15-styled 16-styled 17-styled
18-styled 19-styled 20-styled 21-styled
22-styled 23-styled 24-styled 25-styled
26-styled 27-styled 28-styled 29-styled
30-styled 31-styled 32-styled 33-styled
34-styled 35-styled 36-styled 37-styled
38-styled 39-styled 41-styled 42-styled
43-styled 44-styled 45-styled 46-styled
47-styled 48-styled 49-styled 50-styled

Blank Bases
1-blank 2-blank 3-blank 4-blank
5-blank 7-blank 8-blank 9-blank
10-blank 11-blank 12-blank 13-blank
14-blank 15-blank 16-blank 17-blank
18-blank 19-blank 20-blank 21-blank
22-blank 23-blank 24-blank 25-blank
26-blank 27-blank 28-blank 29-blank
30-blank 31-blank 32-blank 33-blank
34-blank 35-blank 36-blank 37-blank
38-blank 39-blank 40-blank 42-blank
43-blank 44-blank 45-blank 46-blank
47-blank 48-blank 49-blank 50-blank

Pixabay.COM - stock images
Pexels.COM - stock images
Envato.COM - LUT coloring files
ravenorlov @ Deviantart.COM
thousandsof-words @ Deviantart.COM
evey-y @
dannielle-lee @ Deviantart.COM
chedey111 @ Deviantart.COM
ca-the-drals @ Deviantart.COM
airockz69 @ Deviantart.COM
elizacunningham @ Deviantart.COM
so-ghislaine @ Deviantart.COM
VANESSAX17 @ Deviantart.COM
lookslikerain @ Deviantart.COM
sweetxpie @ Deviantart.COM
chouchoune @ LiveJournal.COM

fauxism-org - BLOG

If I'm missing your resources in the credits, please let me know and I'll add them ASAP!!!

Tags: 100x100 icons, bases, colorful, icons, photoshop, stock icons

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