I'm back...?

I haven't posted here in 6 years. I stopped making graphic resources when I got busy with college and taking care of my sister's children. But, I've started a web/graphic design blog, and I want to make photoshop brushes, textures, psds again. I know that livejournal doesn't bring in the traffic anymore, but I'll post what I can here, and maybe something will come of it. 


can't shake this feeling

Been in a graphics making mood. I never did update with brushes. Maybe tomorrow? I am working on making premade layouts and uploading a portfolio or something. There is so much I wanna do. I want to save money. I am aiming for 5,000. So hey...if you want a layout, I charge 10 bucks.


life doesn't make sense

Earlier this evening I found out that one of my friends from church has passed away. She had a heart attack last night. She was my Young Womens counselor at church, and also my Sunday school teacher for several years. I am so shocked. I thought she was healthy. It's not fair. Her youngest child is 15. What will she do? I just can't make sense of it now. I don't know what to say to her children. I have hardly been to church these past few months. She wasn't there on Sunday. I didn't get to say goodbye.

Large Textures - Pack 10

This is texture pack 10. Texture packs 1-9 will be available again soon. I've been so unorganized. I deleted them awhile back because I lost interest in making them. But don't worry, they'll be up within a few days or sooner.

Download | here.

** Please comment if downloading/using! Thanks.

*** Credit is appreciated.

**** For commericial/non-commerical use.


I am revamping this journal.
I am deleting random/crappy posts.
This journal will be public again.
I am adding brushes, textures, blends, and wallpapers!!